Some Archaeology

SNL has now become the voice of conscience and sanity for many Americans. Of course, its messages have no official imprimatur, and, luckily for the fun of the inventors, it has no checks on its balance. After a killingly funny parody of the White House spokesman last week, I knew some of it sounded familiar.

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Answer Coming Soon

San_Giorgio_Maggiore_20070710-1 (1)Seven thousand journalists were descending on Venice for the G-7 Summit. All were ready to pounce on the tiny Island of San Giorgio Maggiore in the yawning jaw of the Grand Canal, but few would ever make it to that protected redoubt. There the principals would soon arrive, and do much of their real negotiations behind closed doors at the dining room tables, away from the glare of the public sessions and briefings. Continue reading Answer Coming Soon

Editor’s Desk: FiveThirtyEight’s Perfect Republican Stump Speech

perfect republican From the Editor

FiveThirtyEight’s emphasis on exploring the use of data led to a recent post by former Republican speechwriter Barton Swaim, who was asked to create the “perfect Republican stump speech” based on commonly available data sources (Pew, Gallup, CBS News, etc). Continue reading Editor’s Desk: FiveThirtyEight’s Perfect Republican Stump Speech