Anger Problem? Nah.

Chris Coons and Christine O'Donnell debate

O’Donnell and Coons were arguing about whether to invade a country and kill a few hundred thousand people – or pass a law that would cost six thousand jobs inDelaware. If those things shouldn’t make you furious, what in the world should? Continue reading Anger Problem? Nah.

They’re You

Christine O'Donnell commercial

Democrats love them — until that dismaying moment we realize they might win. One Senate candidate denies she’s a witch. Another dresses up in Nazi uniforms for fun. A third thinks that by having the child after being raped by her dad, a young girl has made “lemons into lemonade.” Continue reading They’re You

Rhetorical Bullying (That Feels So Good)

Contrary to election-year derision, the intelligence of a candidate doesn’t have much to do with the choices of voters with opinions. As Mike Long argues, we vote for the candidate we like, or the one who holds positions closest to our own. Whether they are “smart” or “dumb” has little to do with it. Continue reading Rhetorical Bullying (That Feels So Good)

The Witch’s Brouhaha

A reporter called me the other day looking for my thoughts on Karl Rove’s on-air take down of one time dabbler in witchcraft and current Delaware Senate candidate, Christine O’Donnell. Hey, if she can be a witch, I can dress up as a Democratic strategist. Why, the reporter asked, did Rove veer off-message, and why were Republicans so quick to criticize the man they revered during the eight years of George W. Bush’s presidency? Continue reading The Witch’s Brouhaha

The Tea Party is Mad as Hell — And the Media Shouldn’t Take it Anymore

What are Tea Party activists talking about when they say government is taking away their fundamental freedoms?

A vigorous debate about the size of government is a worthwhile discussion, Leonard Steinhorn says, but “the paranoid and delusional side of this movement is getting a free ride in the press.” Continue reading The Tea Party is Mad as Hell — And the Media Shouldn’t Take it Anymore