Who’s Greedy, and Why?

images-10You don’t need to go far these days to find angry exchanges about “greed”. The UK general election will see wild rhetoric about the Politics of Greed. But who in fact is greedy?

So take out the generalised human instincts about the greed of men/women/children, and it turns out that Greedy Workers are the clear winners, well ahead of another notable category, Greedy Owners.

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A Return to Business as Usual?

Fiscal Cliff Talks It’s looking like a very merry holiday season with an extremely prosperous new year ahead for the lobbying community. Fiscal austerity is an ill wind that does blow some good to those paid to influence where the painful spending cuts will be made. And the growing possibility of tax reform is icing on the cake. Continue reading A Return to Business as Usual?

Is America Ready for a Businessman President?

If the business of America is truly, as some have claimed, business, then why have we never voted someone with a business career into the White House? That’s yet another precedent Mitt Romney is attempting in his quest for the Presidency. Continue reading Is America Ready for a Businessman President?