Republicans have the best bullies

mk_trump_72015_539_332_c1It’s too soon to know how badly Donald Trump damaged himself by belittling John McCain’s war record on July 18 in Iowa. After all, George W. Bush wasn’t hurt in the 2000 South Carolina primary when his operatives rumored that McCain had an illegitimate black child, nor was W hurt in the 2004 election when his Swift Boat surrogates defamed John Kerry’s war record, nor was McCain’s campaign for the 2008 Republican nomination derailed by his reputation as a bully and hothead.

Trump himself has until now been helped, not harmed, by insulting his GOP rivals as losers, clowns, dummies and lightweights. But his McCain slam gives other candidates an opening to mime indignation. For them, it can’t come a moment too soon, because Trump was on the verge of owning the machismo brand.
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What’s Your Universe?

Cosmology is not cosmetology and quantum mechanics isn’t a firm comprised of angels reporting to Saint Peter that keeps the Pearly Gates oiled so the blessed can rush in. It’s the study of the interaction of energy and matter on a subatomic scale. Among the supernova physicists in this rarified firmament are Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku and Neil Turok. Continue reading What’s Your Universe?