Trash Tree in Malabo

IMG_8588Working quickly to execute a concept he had in advance, Plácido “Pocho” Guimaraes had the idea to celebrate garbage’s removal by immortalizing the garbage itself, as a tree. A good joke on degradation, to exalt it. The tree here pictured has no natural materials, but is made of metal, cables, wire, and fragments of discarded plastic water bottles. Continue reading Trash Tree in Malabo

Gods, Gold and Greed

Houston-Grand-Opera-Das-Rheingold-April-2014-Photographer-Lynn-Lane_122152 In the year 1848, the continent of Europe was convulsed by revolution. In France, King Louis Philippe was driven from his throne and a republic proclaimed. Northern Italy and Hungary revolted against the overlordship of the reactionary Habsburgs. In Frankfurt, Germany’s first freely-elected assembly was convened to seek the unification of the German states by democratic means. In London, Marx and Engels published the first edition of the Communist Manifesto. Continue reading Gods, Gold and Greed

An Artist’s Finest Moment

In 1988, Joseph-Francis Sumégné, here pictured, began collecting and sifting trash in the streets of Douala for his magnum opus. An untutored sculptor, he saw patterns and spirits in objets trouvés: coke bottle caps, empty coffee tins, discarded batteries, wicker fans, cloth remnants and a thousand other items from the litter choking the streets of Cameroon’s gritty seaport. Continue reading An Artist’s Finest Moment