Governor, Heal Thyself

If an entire state could be crazy as a box of frogs, it would be Arizona. If a whole state could be crazy and brag about it, it would be Texas. Continue reading Governor, Heal Thyself


It started last month when I was watching yet another news story about the 33 Chilean miners, and yelling at the TV about the 8000 kids who die every day in Africa and Asia. Why not save the kids, too? We could rescue 33 of them for the price of a dinner at Sizzler.

Not an original thought, but I felt strongly enough to consider writing something about it for PunditWire.

Until I noticed a little box on the Washington Post editorial page about their “Next Great American Pundit” contest. First prize: you get to write 13 op-eds for the Post. Sorry PW. I entered, made their group of 50 finalists, then the next group of ten—before finishing seventh in the third round. Continue reading CLASH PRIZES

‘I Love You Back!’

Barack Obama at a rally

Someone in crowd: “We love you!”

Obama, pretending surprise, grinning: “I love you back!”

If I hear that one more time, I swear. I’m gonna plotz.

Today, someone asked me: why does he have to do that? Was this the product of our rockstar culture? Shouldn’t the president be at home reading CIA briefings instead of striding onstage, doing the finger point, and draping arms around his reluctant wife and nervous kids? Continue reading ‘I Love You Back!’

Why Should Voters Vote?

Voting Place Sign

“People are idiots,” a friend of mine said. “Who said they should vote?”

Well, the point of a democracy is that even idiots should be allowed to vote. But in the run-up to November, we shouldn’t romanticize what people know as they’re walking into the polling booths. Continue reading Why Should Voters Vote?