The Silent Healthcare Revolution

AmbulanceThe presidential campaign is far enough along to confidently conclude that the health delivery revolution will not be televised. Instead, it will continue its quiet progress, remaking nearly a fifth of the economy without political, media or public awareness. Such is the course of American revolutions. Continue reading The Silent Healthcare Revolution

“Rope a Dope” or “Oh, the Humanity!”

whitehouse I know the Republicans are delirious with joy over the possibility that the confounding and disastrous rollout of the Affordable Healthcare Act could swing enough votes to have them capture both the House and Senate in 2014. What I do not know is the eventual outcome of the health care program as it rights itself from its capsized start. Continue reading “Rope a Dope” or “Oh, the Humanity!”

The Obamacare Apocalypse

aster It’s only a matter of time before a Sarah Palin names these death rocks “Obamacare asteroids.” A Ted Cruz also will liken Obamacare to an asteroid, assuring us Obamacare has a 100 percent chance of causing Armageddon. Some concern troll will say that the beleaguered White House “needs a Bruce Willis” to rescue it from losing the Senate and seeing its legacy repealed. Continue reading The Obamacare Apocalypse

This Creepy Ad Can Kill You

unclesam We’re at a bustling town fair, a few weeks from now.  Kids climb on the firetruck. Community groups sell cupcakes and give out flyers.  At the “Enroll America” booth, people are on signing up for the health insurance marketplace. Continue reading This Creepy Ad Can Kill You