May 2015

  • May 31, 2015

    “Dream big, but focus small on those day-to-day things that will get you to your goal.”

    -Robin Roberts, co-host of ABC’s Good Morning America, during her unscripted commencement address to the 135th Emerson College Undergraduate class, May 18, 2015

  • May 30, 2015

    “I’m 37 and I was told recently I was too old to play the lover of a man who was 55. It was astonishing to me. It made me feel bad, and then it made me feel angry, and then it made me laugh.”

    -Maggie Gyllenhaal, Oscar-nominated actress, Interview with TheWrap magazine, May 20, 2015

  • May 29, 2015

    “A little island at the end of Europe on its way to America has shown that such a small nation can be a beacon of light throughout the world.”

    -John Lyons, openly gay member of the Irish parliament, after Ireland voted to legalize same-sex marriage, the Dail, May 24, 2015

  • May 28, 2015

    “When are we going to start asking how many of the people in the Waco slaughter grew up in single parent homes? Oh, that’s right… When will the National Guard be activated in Waco? Oh, that’s right…”

    -Charles M. Blow, New York Times Op-ed columnist and author, Twitter, May 17, 2015

  • May 27, 2015

    “Hello, Twitter! It’s Barack. Really! Six years in, they’re finally giving me my own account.”

    -Barack Obama, President of The United States, first tweet from his new personal Twitter account – @POTUS – he later broke the world record for fastest gain of a million followers. Twitter, May 18, 2015

  • May 26, 2015

    “For the last time on a television program, thank you and goodnight.”

    -David Letterman, longtime late night talk show host, completing his last time hosting The Late Show after a 33-year run on late night TV. The Late Show With David Letterman, May 20, 2015

  • May 27, 2015

    “Hello, Twitter! It’s Barack. Really! Six years in, they’re finally giving me my own account.”

    -Barack Obama, President of The United States, first tweet from his new personal Twitter account – @POTUS – he later broke the world record for fastest gain of a million followers. Twitter, May 18, 2015

  • May 25, 2015

    “Memorial Day is supposed to remind Americans what other people have sacrificed for them. But sometimes I think nobody’s paying attention.”

    -Luke Murphy, retired Staff Sergeant in the US Army – he served two tours in Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division’s 187th Infantry Regiment. May 23, 2015,

  • May 24, 2015

    “Yep, I’m bringing out a clothing line in November! ‘Rebel for Torrid.’ If you’re too skinny for it, you can buy the bag.”

    -Rebel Wilson, Australian comedian and actress – known recently for her role as “Fat Amy” in the Pitch Perfect movie series, announcing her new clothing line with plus-size brand Torrid. Twitter, May 12, 2015

  • May 23, 2015

    “As potentially the first African-American First Lady, I was also the focus of another set of questions and speculations; conversations sometimes rooted in the fears and misperceptions of others. Was I too loud, or too angry, or too emasculating? Or was I too soft, too much of a mom, not enough of a career woman?”

    -Michelle Obama, First Lady of The United States, commencement address at Tuskegee University, May 9, 2015

  • May 22, 2015

    “You have to have someone who says, look, I’m a Republican but I’m not an idiot! I’m not stupid! I am a conservative, and I learn from the past, and I improve myself.”

    -Laura Ingraham, Conservative radio host and Fox News pundit, after Jeb Bush said he would invade Iraq again, knowing what we know now. The Laura Ingraham Show, May 11, 2015

  • May 21, 2015

    “I’m proud to be George W’s brother…It’s just the way it is. I can’t deny the fact that I love my family. I love everything about them.”

    -Jeb Bush, potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate. Town hall meeting in Reno, Nevada, May 13, 2015

  • May 20, 2015

    “Hours ago, Republicans chose to cut some of the meager funds for Amtrak. They did this even after the train crash and loss of life last night.”

    -Cher, American singer and actress, after an Amtrak derailment killed eight people in Pennsylvania. Twitter, May 13, 2015

  • May 19, 2015

    “: Where crimes against women require more evidence than crimes against footballs.”

    -Charlotte Alter, reporter for TIME, after the NFL suspended Patriots quarterback Tom Brady four games for most likely having knowledge of the illegal deflation of footballs during the 2014-2015 season. TIME, May 12, 2015

  • May 18, 2015

    “It’s only music; it’s all music; we just use different instruments. We lost a legend, B.B. King…Hip-hop is the blues.”

    -Jay-Z, American hip hop artist and record producer, paying tribute to B.B. King – who passed away May 14, 2015. During a performance at New York’s Terminal 5, May 16, 2015

  • May 17, 2015

    “This is my robot hand. I got it because I don’t have a left hand.”

    -Elise Wright, 8 year-old recipient of a 3D printed hand from The Helping Hand Project. NBC News, May 9, 2015

  • May 16, 2015

    “Flying is a great equalizer. The plane doesn’t know or care about your gender as a pilot, nor do the ground troops who need your support. You just have to perform.”

    -Christine Mau, Lt. Col. In the U.S. Air Force, on becoming the first female F-35 fighter jet pilot. Statement released to the public, May 5, 2015

  • May 15, 2015

    “When you lead, when you challenge the status quo, you are going to make enemies. It is the nature of leadership.”

    -Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard and 2016 Republican presidential candidate. Speaking to the Des Moines Register editorial board about why she was fired from Hewlett-Packard, May 9, 2015

  • May 14, 2015

    “I said reminds you of a psychopath, because they tend to be extremely smooth, charming people who can tell a lie to your face. It looks like sincerity, even though they know it’s a lie.”

    -Ben Carson, retired neurosurgeon and 2016 Republican presidential candidate, when asked about his remark that President Obama a “psychopath.” CNBC’s “Speakeasy,” May 9, 2015

  • May 13, 2015

    “Tip the schools.”

    -Chloe Hough, Kansas waitress who refused a tip from Kansas governor Sam Brownback – telling him instead to fund education. Note written on the governor’s credit card receipt, May 2, 2015

  • May 12, 2015

    “The world is full of wonderful things you haven’t seen yet. Don’t ever give up on the chance of seeing them.”

    -JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, speaking to a depressed fan on Twitter who asked her about giving up on life. Twitter, 4 May 2015

  • May 11, 2015

    “When people congratulate me on the success of my own children, I say, ‘Thank you very much. The jury’s still out.’”

    -Sheila C. Johnson, American businesswoman, co-founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET), and the first black American female billionaire. Speaking at the 2015 American University School of Communication graduation, May 9, 2015

  • May 10, 2015

    “Don’t underestimate me…We need a political revolution in this country, and I want to lead that effort.”

    -Bernie Sanders, US Senator (Independent socialist – Vermont), discussing his decision to run for president in 2016. ABC’s “This Week,” May 3, 2015

  • May 9, 2015

    “I’m sorry, you don’t see a fundamental difference between creating a marriage and recognizing a marriage? You don’t think there’s any difference in terms of the rights of people? …Why would the gay marriage issue be so fundamental that that can lead to exclude a whole category of people from recognition?”

    -Justice Sonia Sotomayor, US Supreme Court Justice, asking why states should be permitted to refuse to recognize gay marriages even though they recognize other types of marriages from other states. Oral arguments in Obergefell v. Hodges, April 28, 2015

  • May 8, 2015

    “Tragedies of this magnitude really underscore that, in today’s world, ‘next door’ is really everywhere.”

    -John Kerry, US Secretary of State, on the 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Nepal that has so far killed 7,250 people and injured 14,122 – the toll is expected to climb. Joint press conference with his Japanese counterparts, April 27, 2015

  • April 7, 2015

    “Lo, and it came to pass at last on Saturday morning, unto Kate, who was late, a child was born — a baby girl, who will be fourth in line to the British throne.”

    -Steven Erlanger, reporter at The New York Times, on the birth of the newest member of the British royal family – second child of William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, New York Times, MAY 2, 2015

  • May 6, 2015

    “I think the violence is wrong. I don’t like it at all.”

    -Fredericka Gray, twin sister of Freddie Gray – Freddie’s death in police custody sparked rioting in Baltimore, MD, during which protestors and police officers have been injured. The Gray family believes that violence does not honor Freddie. Speaking to reporters, April 28, 2015

  • May 5, 2015

    “They are killing us. They are actually killing us, and then they make this seem like we’re out of control. But they’re killing our neighbors and brothers. We’re just supposed to sit back and take that?”

    -Antwion Robinson, 26 year-old protestor in Baltimore, explaining why he believes the rioting in Baltimore is justified. Baltimore Sun, April 28, 2015

  • May 4, 2015

    “The check’s got nine figures on it, baby.”

    -Floyd Mayweather Jr., boxer, confirming that he received a $100 million check after his win over Manny Pacquiao in a highly anticipated and publicized fight. Speaking to reporters, May 3, 2015

  • May 3, 2015

    “In my 30s I worked out to look good. In my 50s I did it to stay fit. In my 70s I did it to stay ambulatory. Now I’m doing it to avoid assisted living!”

    -Dick Van Dyke, longtime comedian and actor – now 89 years old. Conan, December 16, 2014

  • May 2, 2015

    “After the midterm elections, my advisers asked me, ‘Mr. President, do you have a bucket list?’ I said, ‘well I have something that rhymes with bucket list.’”

    -Barack Obama, President of The United States, speaking at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner, April 26, 2015