February 2015

  • February 28, 2015

    “I’m not white? That’s a revelation…in every picture you run of me … you have my permission to put in a disclaimer that I’m not white.”

    -Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, on a portrait depicting Governor Jindal with light skin – mistakenly thought to be his official portrait. At a briefing with reporters sponsored by The Christian Science Monitor, February 9, 2015

  • February 27, 2015

    “Vaccines are to measles what responsible gun storage is to child shootings. The onus is on adults to protect children.”

    -Shannon Watts, Founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Twitter, February 3, 2015

  • February 26, 2015

    “I do not believe – and I know this is a horrible thing to say – but I do not believe that the president loves America. He doesn’t love you, and he doesn’t love me. He wasn’t brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up, through love of this country…with all our flaws, we’re the most exceptional country in the world. I’m looking for a presidential candidate who can express that, do that, and carry it out.”

    -Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City, speaking at a private dinner at the 21 Club in Manhattan, February 18, 2015

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    • February 25, 2015

      “Charles Manson cancels marriage because his lady wanted to keep his corpse in a glass case. This is now my new reason for staying single.”

      -Brandon Barrick, comedian and writer, Twitter, February 9, 2015

    • February 24, 2015

      “The court looks the other way as yet another federal district judge casts aside state laws without making any effort to preserve the status quo pending the court’s resolution of a constitutional question it left open in United States v. Windsor…This acquiescence may well be seen as a signal of the court’s intended resolution of that question.”

      -Clarence Thomas, US Supreme Court Justice, Dissent accompanying the Supreme Court majority decision not to halt gay marriages in Alabama after a lower court ruling, February 9, 2015

    • February 23, 2015

      “To every woman who gave birth to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation: we have fought for everybody else’s equal rights. It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all, and to fight for equal rights for women in America.”

      -Patricia Arquette, American actress, accepting the Oscar for “Best Supporting Actress,” 2015 Academy Awards, February 22, 2015

    • February 22, 2015

      “We tell our students…if you get lucky, you better be ready.”

      -James Lipton, Dean Emeritus of the Actors Studio Drama School, MSNBC Interview, February 12, 2015

    • February 21, 2015

      “This power over marriage – which came from God under our organic law – is not to be redefined by the United States Supreme Court or any federal court.”

      -Roy Moore, Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. On his decision to ask that state judges ignore a higher court’s ruling declaring gay marriage legal in Alabama. Fox News’ Fox News Sunday, February 15, 2015

    • February 20, 2015

      “The audience, for the most part, is awake because they’re bobbing up and down all the time. And we sit there, stone-faced, sober judges. But we’re not — at least I wasn’t — 100 percent sober. Because before we went to the State of the Union, we had dinner together.”

      -Ruth Bader Ginsburg, US Supreme Court Justice, explaining why she appeared to fall asleep at the 2015 State of the Union. Speaking at an event hosted by The Smithsonian Associates in Washington, D.C., February 2, 2015

    • February 19, 2015


      -Mindy Kaling, American actress, comedian, writer, and producer – known for her role in TV shows The Office and The Mindy Project. Commenting on Jon Stewart’s announcement that he would be leaving The Daily Show. Twitter, February 10, 2015

    • February 18, 2015

      “ Obama, Keystone XL is on the 1-yard line, will you ‘pass’ or will we score?”

      -J. French Hill, US Congressman (Republican – Arkansas), Twitter, February 11, 2015

    • February 17, 2015

      “It was execution style, a bullet in every head. This was not a dispute over a parking space; this was a hate crime.”

      -Dr. Mohammad Abu-Salha, father of two of the three Muslim students shot to death near UNC Chapel Hill. Interview with the Charlotte News & Observer, February 11, 2015

    • February 16, 2015

      “Based on a 60-year record, the total amount of snow that we’ve lost in the West varies anywhere from 15 to 60 percent.”

      -Noah Molotch, an assistant professor at the University of Colorado Boulder’s Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, told VICE News in an interview

    • February 15, 2015

      “Today is Texas Muslim Capital Day in Austin…I did leave an Israeli flag on the reception desk in my office with instructions to staff to ask representatives from the Muslim community to renounce Islamic terrorist groups and publicly announce allegiance to America and our laws. We will see how long they stay in my office.”

      -Molly White, State Representative (R-Belton, TX), Facebook post, January 29, 2015

    • February 14, 2015

      “The NRA has got people here by the short and cur lies.”

      -Patrick Harkins, Democrat representative from Erie County, PA. Slate, February 4, 2015

    • February 13, 2015

      “People ask me, ‘when do you think there will be enough women on the court?’ And my answer is: when there are nine.”

      -Ruth Bader Ginsburg, US Supreme Court Justice, speaking to students at Georgetown University, February 4, 2015

    • February 12, 2015

      “From a school in Pakistan to the streets of Paris, we have seen violence and terror perpetrated by those who profess to stand up for…their faith – profess to stand up for Islam – but, in fact, are betraying it.”

      -Barack Obama, President of The United States, National Prayer Breakfast, February 5, 2015

    • February 11, 2015

      “We suck at dealing with abuse and trolls on the platform and we’ve sucked at it for years.”

      -Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, internal memo to employees acquired by the Verge, February 2, 2015

    • February 10, 2015

      “In the midst of a career spent covering and consuming news, it has become painfully apparent to me that I am presently too much a part of the news, due to my actions.”

      -Brian Williams, journalist, anchor, and managing editor of NBC Nightly News, on temporarily leaving his position after admitting he exaggerated a story about being shot down while reporting in Iraq. NBC News, February 7, 2015

    • February 9, 2015

      “Albums – like books and black lives – they still matter.”

      -Prince, American singer and songwriter, 57th Annual Grammy Awards, February 8, 2015

    • February 8, 2015

      “And while there are people of good conscience on both sides of this argument, one thing has become abundantly clear to me: the heavy hand of government must not make this decision for women and families.”

      -Tim Ryan, US Congressman (Democrat-Ohio), on his decision to change his opinion on abortion. Akron Beacon Journal, January 27, 2015

    • February 7, 2015

      “We are dealing in lethal firearms. I’m not going to let a Nazi shoot in here, or a Klu Klux Klan member in here, either.”

      -Jan Morgan, owner of the Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range in Hot Springs, Arkansas, on her decision to ban Muslims from her gun range. FoxNews.com, January 28, 2015

    • February 6, 2015

      “Can I vaccinate anyone who approaches me in Stand Your Ground states?”

      -David Waldman, Contributing Editor for Daily Kos and host of Daily Kos Radio’s “Kagro in the Morning.” Twitter, January 31, 2015

    • January 5, 2014

      “It’s about spiritual leadership. When women bring their young boys and they see women leading the prayer, they can initiate change as they grow up.”

      -Ani Zonneveld, head of Muslims For Progressive Values, on the first all-women mosque in America. LA Times, January 30, 2015

    • February 4, 2015

      “Before I go out, I always designate a droner. Friends don’t let friends drone drunk.”

      -Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, after a government employee confessed to crashing a small drone on the White House lawn when he had been drinking. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, January 27, 2015

    • February 3, 2015

      “While we’re all obsessed with Deflategate, let’s keep in mind that there’s something about which you should give a f**k. Yes, like Tom Brady, the world is getting hotter and hotter, and you know why? Because we humans are pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.”

      -Bill Nye, known as Bill Nye the Science Guy – a scientist, science educator, and comedian. Funny or Die video, January 26, 2015

    • February 2, 2015

      “Those people were real. They were mothers and fathers, uncles and aunts, doctors and teachers, poets, wonderful people. Composers. And now they scream in silence. My story is only one story, but it is the story six million others cannot tell. I was, and always shall be, the witness to … mass murder.”

      -Gena Turgel, survivor of three Nazi concentration camps, on the 70th anniversary of the Auschwitz liberation. NBC News, January 27, 2015

    • February 1, 2015

      “Oprah marched on Selma this weekend. She has a dream that Selma shall overcome The Wedding Ringer at the box office.”

      -Larry Wilmore, Host of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, January 21, 2015