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  • December 1, 2015

    “This is a woman who has been consistently wrong about every single national security and foreign policy threat.”

    -Carly Fiorina says that Hillary Clinton is dangerous for U.S. security. Hannity, November 23, 2015

  • November 30, 2015

    “Every generation has had its own ugly reaction to refugees, whether the Irish, Vietnamese, Cubans or Haitians, and those fears have been broadly unfounded. In fact there was only one time in American history when the fear of refugees wiping everyone out did actually come true — and we’ll all be sitting around a table celebrating it on Thursday.”

    John Oliver discusses the Syrian refugee crisis, saying that the Pilgrims were the only dangerous refugees. Last Week Tonight, November 22, 2015

  • November 29, 2015

    “The process that is currently in place is thorough and robust and long as it is fully implemented and not diluted…it will allow us to safely admit the most vulnerable refugees while protecting the American people.”

    -Nancy Pelosi saying that the process for admitting refugees is sufficient as it stands. Politico, November 19, 2015

  • November 28, 2015

    “It’s nice if things are written first and foremost for a woman.”

    Nicole Kidman on taking film roles that were originally written for men. Good Morning America, November 20, 2015

  • November 27, 2015

    “Some men can be feminists. I’m trying to be.”

    -Gaspar Noe, a film director, when asked if he is a feminist. New York Magazine, November 17, 2015

  • November 26, 2015

    “The mosque has nothing to do with the terrorists.”

    -Saba Ahmed, president of the Republican Muslim Coalition, wears an American flag hijab while countering the claim that mosques should be shut down in response to the Paris attacks. Kelly File, November 17, 2015

  • November 25, 2015

    “I have confirmed that the second verse is Warren.”

    -Carly Simon reveals that the second verse of “You’re So Vain” is about Warren Beatty. PEOPLE, November 18, 2015

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