There Was A Reason

Once again, our nation is forced to struggle with the pain and confusion that follows an act of political violence, an act of terrorism. But I hope that an important facet of this attack does not go forgotten: Omar Mateen targeted the LGBT community, and he did so for a reason.

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Trash Tree in Malabo

IMG_8588Working quickly to execute a concept he had in advance, Plácido “Pocho” Guimaraes had the idea to celebrate garbage’s removal by immortalizing the garbage itself, as a tree. A good joke on degradation, to exalt it. The tree here pictured has no natural materials, but is made of metal, cables, wire, and fragments of discarded plastic water bottles. Continue reading Trash Tree in Malabo

We Mourn Muhammad Ali — And Something Even Bigger

Muhammad_Ali_1966Ali-Frazier. It was an event everybody in America paid attention to. In our fragmented media environment today that wouldn’t happen. That’s unfortunate.
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While I Was Out of Town

Equatorial Guinea (“EG”) has the advantage of having a small population, some 1.3 million.  It has a crazy geography, with the capital on the island of Bioko (formerly Fernando Po) and a good chunk of its people and commerce on the mainland a couple of hundred miles away.  I remember standing on the back patio of the Bahia in 2006, looking at Cameroon across the water, not far away.  I thought, “Why is this even a country?”  And yes, it has the dumb luck of having oil and natural gas, with the advantages of huge revenues years ago (never distributed to the people, to be fair.)  But the decline in oil and gas market prices has left the country vulnerable, and yet the buildings and private company headquarters continue to pour in.  Venezuela has been unable to deal with these fluctuations, and even Saudi Arabia and Russia have had their tumults, where EG is making its way.

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Why Trump is Velcro, Not Teflon…

Many people vote to send a message of rage and to shake things up, but I suspect just as many vote to maximize the fun of watching all that tumultuousness play out in the media. I include myself; I feel that undertow.

We’re not just voting for a candidate, we’re voting for an experience — the rush of crisis, the thrill of combat, the high of “breaking news,” the squirt of dopamine when something crazy could happen next. The electorate has become the audience, and the audience has become addicted to entertainment.

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