Guidelines for Contributors

Contributors to PunditWire must abide by the following guidelines in their writing:

No plagiarism.

PunditWire welcomes all opinions, but make sure they’re your own. Contributors must cite all sources within their text.

No personal attacks.

Critique and criticism is an expected part of commentary; however, contributors may not attack individuals on a personal level.

No hateful, discriminatory, or defamatory remarks or language.

PunditWire will not tolerate this language in any capacity. Columns with hateful, discriminatory, or defamatory remarks or language will be pulled from the site, and anyone submitting such writing will be barred as a contributor.

No inaccurate material.

PunditWire contributors must take the necessary steps, including fact-checking, to ensure that their columns contain only accurate information.

Full disclosure.

PunditWire contributors must disclose any conflicts of interest related to their commentary piece before submitting it to PunditWire. Anyone who fails to disclose this information will be barred as a contributor and have their pieces removed from the site.