Eric Schnure

Eric Schnure

When Eric Schnure was 6, nothing was more important than the mornings he spent at the ice rink. In fact, on a family trip to Disney World, upon spotting the animatronic Abraham Lincoln in the Hall of Presidents, Eric looked up at his mom and said, “Can I ask Abe a question? I want to know if he plays hockey.”

Three decades later, as co-founder of the Humor Cabinet, Eric Schnure still asks powerful leaders critically important questions, like “Do you understand the comic rule of three?”

Most days, this former White House speechwriter for Vice President Al Gore works on strategic and executive communications as a principal at the Dewey Square Group. He is also an adjunct professor at American University where he teaches speechwriting.

Prior to joining Dewey Square, Schnure spent over a decade running his own company, providing messaging and speeches for a long list of prominent clients. His political satire has appeared in Washington Monthly,, Huffington Post, the New York Times and other publications. He is also a guest commentator on CBS, CNN, CNBC and the Hearst Television affiliates. Eric Schnure has extensive public affairs experience having served as a Deputy Assistant Secretary at HUD and as the Chief Speechwriter at NASA.

Schnure graduated from Hobart College and received a master’s degree from the London School of Economics. He lives outside of Washington, DC with his wife and their two sons.

When injuries permit— he’s still playing hockey.

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