Charles Crawford

CC Dec 14 PortraitCharles Crawford is a British former career diplomat turned writer, public speaking specialist and mediator. His work for HM Diplomatic Service featured postings in communist Yugoslavia, South Africa as apartheid ended and Russia after the USSR collapsed, then three ambassadorships: in Sarajevo after the conflict (1996-98); in Belgrade after the fall of Slobodan Milosevic (2001-03); and in Warsaw when Poland joined the European Union (2003-07). He also served as FCO Speechwriter in the 1980s and has drafted or contributed to speeches by members of the British Royal Family, Prime Ministers and different Foreign Ministers and other senior figures.

Charles left the FCO in 2007 to start a new private career featuring communications consultancy, speechwriting and teaching. He has given skills workshops in Diplomatic Skills, Negotiation and Public Speaking and Speechwriting to different international organizations, the European Commission, the FCO and European foreign ministries. He is a founder member of ADRg Ambassadors LLP, an international corporate diplomacy consultancy panel featuring former UK and other senior diplomats: His writings have appeared in National Review Online, Radio Free Europe, Independent, Guardian and DIPLOMAT, plus he is on the Daily Telegraph blogging team.

When pressed or bribed he can mutter with varying levels of coherence in Serbian/Bosnian, Polish, French, Russian or Afrikaans. He is married with three children and lives near Oxford. Contact: and @CharlesCrawford

His ebook Speechwriting for Leaders was published in 2015.

Contact: and @CharlesCrawford

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