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When it Comes to Outrageous Lawmaking, Don’t Mess With Texas

gov-rick-perry-gun-240jdf0428101…if Congress wants to challenge the Texas Legislature to a crazy contest, they’d better bring their lunch.

For example, Congress voted to cut funding for veterans’ programs and then complained about veterans’ services being cut. Big deal! Back in Texas, just a few days after nine people died and 18 were injured when bullets flew in a Waco biker bar, the state senate voted to allow people to carry guns openly wherever they go, accept, of course, in the Texas Capitol Building. Not really a surprise because most Texans agree that packing heat is just about our most sacred Constitutional guarantee, placed in the founding document by the Almighty him or herself. If everybody in that bar had been armed, they could all have defended themselves instead of running for cover.

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Gay Marriage: Who’s Sorry Now?

Rainbow_flag_breezeThe April 28 issue of the Wall Street Journal carried an editorial warning of grave consequences if the Supreme Court rules that there is a constitutional right to gay marriage.

“Discovering a fundamental right to same-sex marriage in the Constitution,” tut-tutted the Journal’s editors, “pre-empts the democratic process and assumes that the people aren’t capable of mediating their differences with decency and tolerance.”

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Guerrilla Warfare Against Gay Marriage

imagesThe chief justice of the state of Alabama, Roy S. Moore, has ordered the state’s probate judges to defy a federal district court ruling and refuse to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The result is that some judges in Alabama are issuing licenses and some are not. The confusion may continue until the U.S. Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of gay marriage in June.

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Sun Tzu in a Cubicle (Part Two)

Unknown-15I was trained to manage within rules rather than accepting them unquestioningly.  Gravity, for example, doesn’t always work in my favor, but I see there isn’t much point in trying to defy it.  At least without some sort of plan, like Bernoulli’s Principle, which keeps airplanes up there. This is above my pay grade.

So when I wrote a book later, in 2003, about U.S. policy in Haiti, the point was not to challenge any system.

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Sandra’s Moment (Part One)

Sandra_Day_O'Connor_1982Nineteen ninety-three.  I sat in my cubicle, the window over my back facing the opposite wall without character.

Back in the days of phones, mine rang. It was a friend who was a clerk of a clerk of a clerk of a Supreme court Justice.

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In Defense of Student Commencement Protesters

graduation Has America entered a Bizarro world in which money equals speech but speech itself gets labeled intimidation?

That’s not a far-fetched conclusion to draw in a political culture that has unleashed campaign spending and given it First Amendment protection while at the same time branding the supposed free speech of college students as bullying, tyranny, censorship, and intolerance.

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“Freedom for the thought that we hate”

westboro Nil nisi bonum de mortuis. “Speak only good of the dead.” Generally, that’s a sound maxim. But what if the dead person is the Reverend Fred Phelps, who died last week at the age of 85?

Never heard of Rev. Phelps? His Westboro Baptist Church has a website where you can read all about him.

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“The Lottery” – Banned in Texas

booksBecause I live in Houston, I sometimes forget that I live in Texas. Houston is liberal; the city has an openly lesbian mayor. Houston is diverse; it is a majority-minority city. Houston is multicultural; I can go to the local supermarket and see women wearing burkas and even veils.

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