Linear Thinking

It’s a well known fact that 64.7 percent of American physicians spend late August on Martha’s Vineyard, and deserve to. You knew that, but may not know that this year, the percentage unexplainably reached a record 82.4 percent, causing increased pressure on the island’s fragile ecosystem and referring added weight to the ocean floor.

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Managing Intelligence Technology for a New Us

Windows_9X_BSODTimes are difficult, and polarized silos exist. It is more important than ever, for differing cultures to understand and accept one another.

For IT providers and IT consumers, wide gulfs of misunderstanding create false impressions of antagonism. These stumbling blocks are easily remedied with sensitive, mutual understanding, and some basics in vocabulary building.

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Turns Out Trump Was Just Kidding


“I figured the best way to generate interest in my CRAP project was to show the network brass that it wasn’t far-fetched; that with the right celebrity under the right circumstances, anyone who is universally known, respected and willing to say absolutely anything could generate enough support to be elected President of the United States.”

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