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An Appreciation of Pat Nixon

Pat_Nixon_1973Pat Nixon, stuck in the hell of public attachment to this American monster, carried herself with style and candor throughout. We now know that Pat Nixon trailed along her repellent husband even while discreetly maintaining separate living arrangements at the “Winter White House” in Key Biscayne.

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New GOP Infatuated by Change

RyanThis confidence in the constructive value of chaos is reflected in the Republican primary Presidential contest where relevant experience is deemed a disqualifying event. If one accepts the premise that our government could be run better by someone with no direct experience, should we argue that America could be better administered by someone who had never been in the US before and could look at our problems with a fresh set of eyes, if only the relevant Constitutional constraints could be avoided?

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Ben Carson, the Nutty Neurosurgeon

Ben CarsonWhat does it say about higher education that you can graduate from Yale and still believe that the devil made Darwin do it?  What does it say about medicine, that you can both be a gifted neurosurgeon and also declare, “I never saw a body with bullet holes that was more devastating than taking the right to arm ourselves away”?

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“Patriotism Is Not Enough”

A close-up of the Edith Cavell statue in London.One hundred years ago on October 12, in the gray light of a chill Brussels dawn, a gallant English nurse faced a German firing squad.

Her name: Edith Cavell.

Her crime: Helping Allied soldiers escape to neutral Holland.

Bullets were a strange end for a woman who had devoted her life to being a healer.

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Finding Churchill’s Faith

God & Churchill“King and country, in that order, that’s about the only religion Winston has.”

So wrote Lord Moran, Sir Winston Churchill’s friend and physician. Most historians would agree. After all, did not Churchill himself quip that he was “not a pillar of the church, but a flying buttress”?

Yet if Churchill had no religion beyond king and country, how do we account for the references to “God” and “Providence” that appear so prominently again and again in his speeches? Were they no more than a politician’s cynical nod to the religious sensibilities of his countrymen?

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Obama v Putin – a New Realism?

Barack_Obama_addresses_the_United_Nations_General_AssemblyThe prospect of Russia fighter jets and special forces setting about ISIL with gusto and no mercy whatsoever warms the cockles of Western leaders’ hearts. And maybe some grimy deal that keeps Assad afloat for the time being is better than Syria collapsing completely and all those refugees banging on the door. Plus shared progress here might lead to shared progress over Ukraine.

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Cock-and-bull Candidates

In a secular, multicultural society, truth is just someone’s, or some group’s, point of view. Everything is relative. Under the surface, everything is political. Facts are just opinions backed by the power to enforce them. Objectivity is just oppression dressed up as science. You’ve got your fact-checkers; I’ve got mine.

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Grace Under Pressure

gordon hal rapelIf looking up from the base of the cliff had been intimidating, looking down from the top was unsettling in the extreme. Suddenly, I was beset with misgivings. I was ready to plead chronic acrophobia and make the humiliating trek back down to the base with my tail between my legs. But I didn’t want to be a wimp. So what should I do?

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