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Churchill After Fifty Years

Sir_Winston_S_ChurchillWinston Churchill died fifty years ago on January 24, 1965. I was 17 at the time, and have vivid memories of watching his funeral on television.

To mark this anniversary of his passing, I’m reading The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History by rising British political star Boris Johnson. Like Churchill himself, Mr. Johnson—currently mayor of London—is a journalist turned politician, which gives him added insight into his subject, as does his own reputation for flamboyance.

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The Christmas Truce at 100

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 2.43.26 PMThe story has been told many times. (photo: Sainsbury)

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Dickens Noir

JHM1Anyone who dismisses Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol as Victorian treacle should see the latest adaptation of the story as mounted by the Houston Grand Opera.

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How Mike Nichols Mauled Plastic

the graduateThe recent passing of director Mike Nichols took me back to my college days and the first time I saw The Graduate. It was one of Nichol’s best movies, and certainly one of the best movies ever made. In particular, The Graduate deserves to be remembered as the movie that dramatically changed the significance of the word “plastic.”

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Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 3.29.35 PMWe’ll never know if Democrats actually could have emerged from the November 4th mid-term election with a few new Senate seats, like Kansas, Kentucky or even Georgia. Or if they could have held on to a few they lost, like Arkansas, Colorado or South Dakota. We’ll never know because once again they blew it. They weren’t out-organized or outmanned. They were outthought, out-chutzpahed and, ultimately, out-foxed.  (Photo: Investorvillage.com)

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Kennedy_brosAverage voter turnout in the 2014 elections is reported to be the lowest since World War II. There are doubtless many reasons for this poor showing, but I’m going to suggest a provocative one: namely, that the American people aren’t voting because they are coming to accept the dynastic principle when it come to filling public offices.

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Reagan’s “A Time for Choosing” at 50

ReaganPointing2_thumb1It was the evening of October 27, 1964. Barry Goldwater’s quixotic campaign for President was careening toward catastrophe. Dispirited Republicans glumly awaited their worst presidential showing since Alf Landon defeated Franklin Roosevelt in Maine and Vermont.

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Peace In Our Time?

991x991Houston’s Main Street Theatre is currently staging a revival of Noel Coward’s rarely-performed Peace In Our Time. The play is one of Coward’s least known, and for good reason. When it was first produced in London in 1947, the British people were still shell-shocked from World War II and prostrated under post-war austerity. They were looking to Coward for comic relief, not a dark glimpse into what might have happened had England been overrun by the Nazis. But that is the subject of the play. (Photo Courtesy of Main Street Theatre)

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