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Lobbying’s Hidden Persuaders

lobby There are two interesting additions to the annals of political influence which focus on quiet issue lobbying.

The quiet lobbying game works best when no one looks carefully at the sausage-making machinery. It offers a stark contrast to the money game where contributors present themselves as 800-lb gorillas who are willing to spend as much as it takes to make things happen their way.

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“I sit with Shakespeare…”

dubois In honor of Black History Month, I am going to share a story that I read many years ago. I do not recall exactly where and when, but I will never forget the story itself.

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No News Is Bad News

tv If you think the widening chasm between the rich and the rest spells trouble for American democracy, have a look at the growing gulf between the information-rich and -poor.

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“The Lottery” – Banned in Texas

booksBecause I live in Houston, I sometimes forget that I live in Texas. Houston is liberal; the city has an openly lesbian mayor. Houston is diverse; it is a majority-minority city. Houston is multicultural; I can go to the local supermarket and see women wearing burkas and even veils.

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Textism: Is spelling over?

Texting  f u cn rd ths, u cn bcm a sec & gt a gd jb w hi pa. You can tell that’s not a text message.  When secretaries were getting good jobs for high pay, no one was texting.

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Classroom Chaos Sparks School Revolt

susq Education is a promise to our children.  It is heartbreaking when that promise is broken. On a hill overlooking Interstate 81 in Harrisburg, PA, four miles from the eponymous river, stands Susquehanna Township High School, where hundreds of broken-hearted students, parents and teachers gathered on Sept. 23 to ask why…

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Why Johnny Can’t Think

educationTuesday’s edition of the Wall Street Journal carried a disturbing opinion piece by Jonathan Jacobs titled, “As Education Declines, So Does Civic Culture.” Mr. Jacobs is chairman of the Department of Philosophy at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Mr. Jacobs maintains that the inability of so many college students today to think clearly and to construct logical arguments will not only dim their chances for success in the future…

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The Irony of Mitt Romney’s 47 Percent

Here’s the irony of Mitt Romney’s 47 percent: he hails himself as an economic savior because he knows how to create jobs, yet many of the jobs he had a hand in creating through his work at Bain Capital fall right into that 47 percent.

To Mitt Romney, the very workers he claims as part of his success story are precisely those he disparages for not paying income taxes and for taking more than they give back to society.

In effect, if Romney follows his own logic, he is far more a part of the problem than he is the solution.

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