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In Search of a Message — Dems Have a Way to Go

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 11.34.18 PM If you were a recent college grad or drop out with no job or underemployed or selling your mind and body as an unpaid intern, do you give a (bleep) about the Koch brothers?

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This is how you’ll feel when the GOP wins the Senate

GOP It’s the morning after.

You stayed up late watching election results on TV.  By the time you went to bed, the Republicans had won five of the six Senate seats they needed to take control of both houses of Congress.  As the networks called each state for the GOP, it felt like a trap door had opened beneath your feet, like a Munch scream, like a nightmare – a nauseating, slow-motion wreck you were powerless to prevent.

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Once Upon A Climate Change

SONY DSC I wonder what would happen if the world’s storytellers and artists were to throw themselves into making the 2014 summit succeed. Invite the wizards of digital creation and distribution, the social media entrepreneurs and software geniuses, the networks and studios, to lend their talents to a communication campaign. Imagine if film-, video- and game-makers, musicians, photographers, screenwriters, graphic novelists, comedians, actors, essayists and fashionistas were inspired to tell the tale of climate change. Think of what designers, logo makers, branders and advertisers could contribute.

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No News Is Bad News

tv If you think the widening chasm between the rich and the rest spells trouble for American democracy, have a look at the growing gulf between the information-rich and -poor.

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The Tea Party Luddites

dont tread Ask Tea Party adherents what inspires them most and many will say their reverence of history. Indeed it’s not unusual at Tea Party rallies to see bands of self-referential patriots dressed up in Revolutionary War garb, wearing tricorn hats and carrying their defiant Don’t Tread on Me flags.

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This Creepy Ad Can Kill You

unclesam We’re at a bustling town fair, a few weeks from now.  Kids climb on the firetruck. Community groups sell cupcakes and give out flyers.  At the “Enroll America” booth, people are on healthcare.gov signing up for the health insurance marketplace.

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PunditWire Correction: How Tea Party Can Help IRS

Editor's Note Contributions to social welfare groups [501(c)4s] involved in the political process do not yield tax deductions for donors, contrary to the original text of this post.

On behalf of contributor Jim Jaffe and everyone here at PunditWire, we apologize for our error. ENtag

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Sequester This, Mr. Obama!

Sen. Coburn's Twitter Shortly after I started writing speeches for Jim Miller, President Reagan’s budget director, Jim debated Democrat Congressman Bill Gray, then chairman of the House Budget Committee. In the course of his remarks, Gray insisted that there was no more fat to cut from the federal budget, “We’re down to bone and marrow.”

Jim, as was his wont, replied to this rather absurd pronouncement with appropriate tact and politeness. But when we got back to his office, he was fuming. “Bone and marrow!” he muttered. “Bone and marrow! Why that…”

Spotting a chance to ingratiate myself with my new boss, I piped up, “I think you’ve got a pretty good speech right there, Jim.”

“How’s that?” he asked, a tad suspiciously.

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