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Will Houstonians be HEROic on Election Day?

Downtown HoustonHouston is the nation’s fourth-largest city, yet it is one of the few major cities in this country that does not have an equal rights ordinance. Moreover, it is the only major city in Texas not to have one.

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The enemy of my enemy is my candidate

Biden_ObamaI can see Biden’s point about solving the nation’s problems: If you’re working toward solutions, why call an advocate of a policy you oppose your “enemy,” when “my good friend across the aisle” will do? My reservation is that speaking well of the other party can drain genuinely moral disputes of authentic moral authority.

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A Conversation With Governor Kasich

Kasich croppedKasich ticks all the boxes necessary to be a successful president. He has a record of legislative and executive experience unmatched by any of the other GOP candidates. He’s the popular governor of a “must-win” state for the GOP. Were he to run on a ticket with Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida–another “must win” state–his chances of being elected would be prodigious.

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It’s in the Constitution somewhere!

Constitution DayKasich is referring, of course, to those golden days before the onset of the federal government’s massive intrusion into our lives. He repeats the Republican mantra about the almost unspeakable evil practiced by the Obama Administration, which regularly stomps all over the doctrine of the supremacy of state governments and free market capitalism so deeply etched into the Constitution of the United States. Kasich laments that bygone era of unregulated commerce and the individual freedom and prosperity that went with it.

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Likability Shouldn’t Matter When Electing a President

bushOlympicIt’s now routine for the scribbling pens and chattering class to pose the beer question or a variation thereof, and, based on a candidate’s perceived likability and relatability, they create a self-fulfilling narrative of electability.

If a candidate is warm and likable, these pundits say, Americans will be more inclined to vote for him or her. But woe to any politician who seems unable to kiss babies with ease, feel someone’s pain, look relaxed on television, or down a beer comfortably.

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Ben Carson, the Nutty Neurosurgeon

Ben CarsonWhat does it say about higher education that you can graduate from Yale and still believe that the devil made Darwin do it?  What does it say about medicine, that you can both be a gifted neurosurgeon and also declare, “I never saw a body with bullet holes that was more devastating than taking the right to arm ourselves away”?

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Cock-and-bull Candidates

In a secular, multicultural society, truth is just someone’s, or some group’s, point of view. Everything is relative. Under the surface, everything is political. Facts are just opinions backed by the power to enforce them. Objectivity is just oppression dressed up as science. You’ve got your fact-checkers; I’ve got mine.

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GOP Presidential Math: 1X1= -15

What Trump and Bush have done is narrow the major focus of the race to two candidates and leave the other fifteen candidates and would-be candidates out in the cold, desperately jumping up and down trying to get anyone to pay attention.

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