When Words Fail

A Protester in Egypt

It’s February 8, 2011 and Hosni Mubarak is still President of Egypt. On one level, that’s completely unsurprising, given that he’s held the job for 30 years. But on another level, given the dramatic events of the past two weeks, a culminating event sometime before the Super Bowl seemed inevitable. Late last week, the White House began communicating through a variety of channels that it was time for Mubarak to go … but today, they hedged, saying that change doesn’t have to come quickly. Continue reading When Words Fail

Explaining Our New World

New York Stock Exchange

President Obama is expected to deliver a pro-growth, pro-trade message tomorrow night in the State of the Union. As Dan Conley suggests, the President should also take the opportunity to redefine for Americans what the future of the economy looks like and how both government and the private sector need to adjust to it. Continue reading Explaining Our New World

The SOTU Trap

President Barack Obama Addresses Congress on Health Care Reform

The current political environment will make President Obama’s State of the Union all the more significant. With the recent shooting in Tucson, the staggering unemployment rate and the Republicans attempting to repeal health care reform, Obama will face a dilemma on how to frame his remarks on Tuesday night. Continue reading The SOTU Trap