There are many in this country who are shell-shocked, angry, aghast, and, yes, afraid of what the future holds in this moment. This nation stands on the precipice of great, unknown challenges, and the specter of the impending Trump presidency looms over all of us.

But as I watch in disappointment and pain and anger as a man I find to be impossibly unqualified for president sweeps the electoral map, I have steeled myself to this commitment:

I shall not be afraid of this man. I shall endure.

And this country shall endure.

We have suffered through the terrible sins of slavery, the scourge of a civil war, the abomination of Jim Crow, the paranoia of the Red Scare and the moral failings of too many falsely fought wars.

And we have endured.

I do not know what challenges we face tomorrow. Mr. Trump’s lack of a cohesive worldview is why I find his candidacy so repulsive, and why I fought so earnestly in opposition to his election.

But I know that, together, we can endure.

We must accept the facts of this election, and we must accept Donald Trump as president.

We must accept that the people have spoken, and delivered him a Congress that will enact much of his policy.

And we must accept that we did not persuade enough people to vote for our candidates, even if they so frequently vote for our ideas when put to the ballot.

Respect for the institutions is paramount to a democratic society, and though we lament these results, we must accept them.

But we must not let acknowledgement and respect for the system lead us to a posture of fear or retreat. Today’s election is not a call to abandon our ideals, but a reminder of why we must not stay silent when essential civil discourse occurs.

And we must continue to defend and fight for those among us who are most likely to be harmed by a Trump presidency.

With such a monumental task before us, we cannot afford to acquiesce to fear.

One battle is not the war.

One demagogue cannot end the struggle for a more equal society, one that accepts all people.

Together, we must stand united, steel-backed, committed to defeating the unacceptable and extreme policies of a Trump presidency.

Together, we must endure.

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