Putin’s Great Patriotic War Commemoration Speech – Leaked?

Vladimir_Putin_beefcake-1My sources in the Kremlin have slipped me what appears to be a true copy of the English translation of the draft of the speech Vladimir Putin might give at the forthcoming commemoration parade in Moscow to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the ‘Great Patriotic War’

Its key passages are reproduced here

* * * * *

Cherished hero veterans!
Dear Citizens!
Dear distinguished foreign guests!

This is an historic, momentous day. We are gathered here in Moscow to recall with pride, even astonishment, the sacrifice and patriotism of the millions of Russian soldiers and citizens who died during the Great Patriotic War

We honour their everlasting memory! We honour their shining victory!

[Passages rehearsing numbers/scale of Russian/Soviet casualties during the war] [Passages recalling individual veterans, stories of heroism]

What do we make of all this now? How to assess these events as they move back into history, yet still affect us all?

I cannot but notice that many foreign leaders who joined us here in Moscow for the 60th anniversary commemorations of our shared Allied struggle against the Nazi monster are not here today

So much the worse for them. They belittle themselves by their ungrateful absence!

Nonetheless, that absence gives us food for thought

When we do not commemorate together our shared past, what are we saying to each other about the present, and the prospects for a shared peaceful future?

If ever there is a day for facing reality head-on, it is this day of days.

And in that spirit I want to make important proposals about how we look backwards and forwards

It has to be acknowledged that other countries recall the very dates of the War differently

Traditionally we have taken the Great Patriotic War as starting in June 1941 when Hitler attacked the Soviet Union

This is no longer good enough. It relativizes the historic crime committed by Stalin when he connived with Hitler to attack and dismantle Poland

We must face several bitter truths

First and foremost, those Stalin conspiracies with Hitler directly and unambiguously caused the Second War.

Other options were available to Stalin in dealing with the complex and unhappy diplomacy of the late 1930s.

He chose by far the worst one

He chose to side with Hitler and Nazism against civilisation. I don’t know which was worse. His cynicism, or his stupidity

Thousands of Soviet soldiers quickly died in the USSR’s unprovoked invasions of Poland, then Finland. Their heroic memory must be honoured today

Second, Soviet forces committed war crimes, most notably the Katyn and associated massacres of thousands of Polish POWs. The Soviet regime then lied about these crimes for decades afterwards, blaming the Nazis

Our own official equivocation on this painful issue has to stop

We have avoided calling these massacres ‘war crimes’, and even tried to promote the claim that these prisoners were executed after some sort of formal and respectable legal process

This avoidance of the obvious truth shames us. It shames our military record.

The heroic Polish and wider victims of Katyn and other Stalin war crimes must be honoured today

Third, the scale of the Russian and wider Soviet casualties suffered during the war was magnified many times by the policies of Stalin before and during the war

The purges and murders of top officers before the war had left the Soviet Army weakened. His insane killing of many of our top soldiers continued into the war

The memory of these heroic victims of Stalin must be honoured today

Fourth, thousands of Russian soldiers were summarily shot or cruelly punished by their own army comrades for alleged desertion. Their memory must be honoured today

Fifth, the Soviet Union’s position on international protocols for the treatment of prisoners of war was at best highly ambiguous

This did not cause the bestial Nazi persecution of our POWs, but it surely created a context in which that behaviour was easier to justify on the grounds that the USSR was not going to treat POWs properly

We cannot count how many prisoners on all sides died thanks to Nazi abuse or Stalin’s abuse. But their heroic memory must be honoured today

Sixth, we need to remember that tens if not hundreds of thousands of Soviet citizens perished needlessly during the war. Not because of enemy action or the normal horrors of war. But because of Stalin’s unrelenting persecution of his own people

In the shining year in which Crimea has been restored to its rightful place within Russia, it is only fitting that we recall the sacrifices made by the Tartar population of Crimea who were summarily deported far from their homes on Stalin’s orders.

Thousands died in misery. Their memory too must be honoured today

Finally, we need to honour the millions of civilians who died from famine or otherwise as a direct result of Stalin’s economic policies that made it far harder for the Soviet Union to defend itself against the Nazi onslaught

* * * * *

Cherished hero veterans!
Dear Citizens!
Dear distinguished foreign guests!

These and many more examples I could quote are the most painful of our national memories

The central point is as simple as it is appalling

Our losses – on a scale of suffering beyond the grasp of the human mind – were in good part caused by our own leaders and their insane, murderous, criminal policies

Yet here we stand, in Red Square itself, in front of the Kremlin Wall, where many of these same criminal leaders are buried in honour!

In front of the tomb of Lenin, perhaps the greatest villain of them all, who unleashed upon Russia the horror of communism and state terror!

The time has come to get our highest symbolism correct

Here is what I will be proposing to the Duma next month, as the basis for a thorough national heart-searching leading to a principled new national stance

That Russia formally joins the rest of the world in acknowledging that the Second World War started in 1939 when Hitler and Stalin ordered the invasion of Poland

That all remaining archives concerning Katyn and the crimes committed there and subsequent cover-ups (including all records on special operations by the Soviet intelligence agencies to place lies about Katyn in the world media) be opened with immediate effect to Polish and other scholars who want to find out what happened

That the remains of Stalin and all Soviet political leaders be removed from the Kremlin Wall and given a simple private family reburial in their home towns

That the Lenin Mausoleum be demolished, and Lenin’s remains be given a simple private family reburial in his hometown

That we set up a special place of honour in the Kremlin for the memory of the victims of the Katyn war crimes, to remind ourselves that war itself must be waged with honour and dignity towards those we take prisoner

That above all, in making these historic changes we mark inside and outside the Kremlin’s walls the individual names of all Soviet citizens who died during World War Two, for whatever reason

Millions and millions and millions of names.

That we show that we in today’s proud independent strong Russia finally and decisively turn our back on Stalinist nihilism, that proclaims that an individual death is a tragedy – millions of deaths are but a statistic

Let the many millions of true Russian heroes and patriots each find their name and place of honour here in our beloved Kremlin!

Each name! Each name!

Let them replace the tiny number of communist criminals whose malevolence created national catastrophe ended only by national sacrifice on a stupendous scale!

Let all this be accomplished by 2025, when we gather here to recall the 80th anniversary of the end of the war!

Let that ceremony bring together here in Moscow, in front of leaders from around the world, all the remaining heroic veterans from those years who are still with us, including veterans from all our Allies and from Germany and Japan!

Let us draw a line under division and crude ideological interpretations of history!

Let us come together in principled unity, based on freedom and democracy and truth and honour for all!

Thank youpunditwire

* * * * *

Note: the text has the following manuscript comment in red ink in the margin (abbreviations in the original Russian):


Some vivid original touches! But not sure strikes quite right note in current circs. Let’s stick with tried/proven

Pl bring up this draft late 2024 when we start on text for 2025 commemoration.


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